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Date & Time:
Sunday April 15

Totally Anal and Kermicide

An event created for a hash over a month and a half away, that isn't somewhere named TBD, that can only mean that Totally Anal is haring this! But luckily, as a co-hare with fellow suburbanite Kermicide, for her virgin lay. How can this possibly go wrong?

Come out to the wonderful suburb of Winfield at Blackwell Forest Preserve and experience some shiggy, maybe a death march, some excellent beer, but mostly come for the stories of Kermicide bitching about laying trail with Totally Anal. Actually scouting the area, setting trail, having to put up with him being retentive about everything... a good time will be had by some! 

Use the entrance on the south side of the preserve off Butterfield Rd and Winfield Rd. 
On-Out by 2:30pm

This is promised to be a shit show, and like most hashes a change of shoes or clothes may be helpful incase there are water crossings. 

In the past Tecnu or other poison ivy removers have been useful in this preserve. While scouting we will try to keep our eyes out for anything that is coming up early.

Blackwell Forest Preserve
Warrenville IL

Blackwell Forest Preserve