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SCH3 # 498

Saturday, December 3, 2016
 On-Out as close to, 2PM as we can, since daylight is going to be limited and the park probably closes at dusk. So don't be late.

Little Trojan Anne and Totally Anal

Messenger Woods County Forest Preserve
Homer Glen, IL

Take I-55 South to I-355 South and get off going East on IL-7 (also called 159th Street in Locport - turn to the left getting off the highway). Take that to Gouger and turn south (right) and follow it until you get to Bruce Road, to East (left) and take that until you get to Messenger Woods.

Well, we are a little late, but it is time for our annual Hometown Hash! Dont worry about how late in the year this is, it just means we are that much closer to the 2017 Hometown Hash.

Join Little Trojan Anne and Totally Anal as they set trail in lovley scenic Homer Glen! Trail should be less than 5 miles, and may or may not have a water crossing or two (weather permitting) so bring some warm clothes, bring some snacks and enjoy the virgin woods that we will be going through.

Messenger Woods Nature Preserve